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Ian Ross
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​My Story

At school I was a champion
At the fine old game of chess
A lover still of strategy
Now it’s online, I obsess

I went on to study physics
Where I learned to track and test
Now I do the same with marketing
Working hard to stay abreast

After 19 years in London
2 in India, 2 in Wales
I’ve settled now in Cornwall
As a father – sense prevails

I’ve learned that there’s formula
To make a website work
It’s 'Traffic x Conversions
Equals Sales' (that go berserk)

£184,565 in sales in just 7 weeks

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So if you’ve been considering
How to grow your biz online
Using Traffic x Conversions
Or just a new design

Don’t hang about – just get in touch
We’ll meet and have a talk
Strategy and tactics
​New clients will soon flock

Thanks for the training you provided on Friday. The day was outstanding in our experience.

 Considering it was ‘geeky stuff’ you put it across really well and kept everybody interested.

You deserve a pat on the back as not many people could pull that off!

I have been just digesting your stuff. There is an amount of really useful info.

You certainly come across as though you know your stuff and your presentation was well researched and consisted of lots of ‘techno google talk’ that you broke down into plain English and a strategic plan so business owners like me can plan a strategic online marketing program that produces fast results, that bring returns, without wasting money or time.

Philip Hitchen  // ​Managing Director

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