About Ian

At school I was a champion
At the fine old game of chess
A lover still of strategy
Now it’s online, I obsess


I went on to study physics
Where I learned to track and test
Now I do the same with marketing
Working hard to stay abreast


After 19 years in London
2 in India, 2 in Wales
I’ve settled now in Cornwall
As a father – sense prevails

Ian Ross with new startup

I’ve learned that there’s formula
To make a website work
It’s Traffic x Conversions
Equals Sales (that go berserk)

Website sales from Xmas 2007 (as an Amazon associate)

  • £184,565 in sales in just 7 weeks
  • My second ever website

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So if you’ve been considering
How to grow your biz online
Using Traffic x Conversions
Or just a new design

Don’t hang about – just get in touch
We’ll meet and have a talk
Strategy and tactics
To make your cashflow unblocked

01736 317707