Case Study 1

Top rankings are nice - especially TWICE!

I was given a new job to do
By Phil Hitchen, MD of Belle Vue
Their Google ranking
Had taken a tanking
The air in his office was blue!

Being a wise man, he took my advice
I got busy - I'll make it concise
I made a new site
(Though his old one's all right)
Now Belle Vue's on top, not once but thrice

Screenshot from Google showing 1st and 2nd positions

click to enlarge

seo services penzance

This work was done some time ago
It may be he's slipped down below
To see it today
Go here - don't delay
And see Belle Vue's own Google show

Now if that was the end of our tale
It's enough - Belle Vue now make sales
But there's more to see
A positive spree
There's more keywords and here's the details

This example is only for one
There are others that need to be won
Dozens of phrases
Which instantly raises
The question of 'Have they been done?'

There's literally hundreds you see
Search phrases from clients-to-be
They type different things
And the traffic that brings
Has Phil grinning and laughing with glee

Now whenever somebody goes
To Google for coaches - he knows
That Belle Vue will be seen
On that prospect's screen
When they call, they're so easy to close

You've seen what I'm able to do
Bringing traffic and sales to Belle Vue
So the question is now
For you to ask 'How
soon can I do this this for you?'

01736 317707

01736 317707