When Your Business Needs...More Clients and Leads

Ian Ross
I'll make your phone ring!

Need Leads - with Speed?

Need some sales in a hurry?
There's really no reason to worry
There's something that's quick
To give business a kick
And make your phone hotter than curry

Sometimes it can be rather slow
To rely on just SEO
There's one other way
(You just have to pay)
It's worth it - you'll see your biz grow

​This method is called 'pay-per-click'
Renowned for being so quick
You won't wait an age
To be on Google's front page
Adwords gets you there in a tick

​You may have tried it before
Or heard stories of how it costs more
But when it's done right
The bill's not a fright
Paid by clients who walk through your door

​If you try it yourself, best beware
With your budget, Google won't care
It's easy to blow it
And before you know it
The shirt on your back won't be there!

​Ideally use someone who knows
Some things are best left to the pros
Who understand Google
Dependably frugal
With spending whilst ROI grows

So if you're needing some business real fast
Consider giving Adwords a blast
You'll need a budget, it's true
But don't let that stop you
From getting those phone calls at last!

Philip Hitchen Managing Director
Georgiana Treasure-Evans Yoga Instructor and Doula
Miguel The Vegan Fitness Instructor
Henry Gill Managing Director - Fitness Matrix
Ford Henderson Managing Director
Barry Miles Membership Secretary - Horsham Speakers Club
Rob Ozanne HSC Committee
Nandini Mohindra Managing Director

Thanks for the training you provided on Friday. The day was outstanding in our experience.

Considering it was ‘geeky stuff’ you put it across really well and kept everybody interested.

You deserve a pat on the back as not many people could pull that off!

I have been just digesting your stuff. There is an amount of really useful info.

You certainly come across as though you know your stuff and your presentation was well researched and consisted of lots of ‘techno google talk’ that you broke down into plain English and a strategic plan so business owners like me can plan a strategic online marketing program that produces fast results, that bring returns, without wasting money or time.

I especially value Ian's patience given that I am rather fearful and old fashioned...

Ian managed to create a website that exactly matched my specifications.

I wanted the site to have a sense of space and restfulness as well as being clear and functional. My site not only looks good, but my clients can easily find details of their next class, and new prospects can contact me or connect through Facebook.

Through patient training and help, he has also enabled me to be able to edit and update the site myself - which is a huge time saver. Previously I had to ask my 'web guy' to make these changes which took time and money.

I especially value Ian's patience given that I am rather fearful and old fashioned when it comes to using new technology. He answered my many questions so promptly and clearly and I felt very looked after.

When you have a website that is dear to you and a product of your creativity, (your baby in a way!), but you have no clue how to work it, Ian is a perfect person to work with.

Ian is an extremely knowledgeable professional with expertise in SEO and Digital Marketing.

His service is impeccable and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking to understand how SEO works and how they can grow their business.

All done in an easy and straightforward way.

We now get enquiries from both the website AND Google Maps...

Since Ian did some work on our Google Maps listing, we have seen an increase in the number of views rise from around 20 per day to over 150.

We are also appearing on page 1 of Google for a whole raft of search terms, which has resulted not only in more visits to the website, but also to enquiries and new clients.

I know that he'll treat my clients in a professional way...

I have worked with Ian for about 5 years now. When I have a client whose campaign needs some online element (a new website, email newsletter, pay-per-click advertising etc), I ask him to design and implement on my behalf.

I know that he'll treat my clients in a professional way, creating work that not only looks good, but also produces results for my clients - whether it's more email subscribers, better Google rankings, more leads or better conversions from a website.

Ian Ross immediately came up with the perfect suggestion...

I asked for help through my network of friends and clients whilst I was trying to conjure up the strapline for my 1st book "It's Not About Me!".

Ian Ross immediately came up with the perfect suggestion that was not only hugely relevant, but also perfectly insightful, and was chosen right away by me and my team.

I'm now looking towards using Ian's digital marketing services in some of my other ventures, and I believe his input will take my businesses to a new level.

Thank you Ian.


Since Ian started looking after our website, we have seen the club membership reach unprecedented highs...

Almost every new member (or attendee) reports that the website was an integral part in the decision to visit to the club.

It is the sheer professionalism of Ian's approach that makes the difference.

Ian was was very knowledgable and helpful in supporting the migration of the HSC website.

Your services are so personal and realistic, fabulous, I am so pleased with my website.

Ian, the great thing is you don't just take info and plaster it on web pages BUT rather you give personal advice about what looks good and what works in terms of marketing.

Your services are so personal and realistic, fabulous, I am so pleased with my website.

Thank you so much for helping me with my dream !

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