Garden Services Website for Sale (or rent)

After 3 years...

"'s been absolutely great but we are just far too busy"

David Green
Greens, Grounds and Trees

David has rented for the last 3 years.

Why does this website make the phone ring?

  • Already ranks top of Google - No.1 or 2 for 70 search terms
  • 150 visitors per month
  • 10 to 25 phone enquiries per month (busy season)
  • 5 to 10 email enquiries per month
  • ready-to-buy callers (they called you after all)
  • leads from all over Penwith (not just Penzance)
  • many callers become long-term customers
  • optimised to show in search engines like Google (seo)
  • easy for visitor to contact you (via phone and email)
  • easy editing for non-technical people
  • built on WordPress
  • hosted in the UK (Heart Internet)
  • 6 years of generating gardening leads

Reason for sale: ​got enough clients now

Email from recent tenant Greens Grounds & Trees - click on it to enlarge

After 3 years, David Green no longer requires the website - he has enough clients now.

The site will (of course) have your business details added

Reason for sale: current lease ended
(previous tenant in Devon now)

The site will (of course) have your business details added

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Ian Ross Creator and current owner

Looking for More Gardening Customers?

Here's your chance to own a lead-generating, already-ranked website which has been pulling in customers for over 3 years now.

Ideal for:

  • Established business looking for more customers
  • A startup looking to build new customer portfolio
  • One-man-band who hates/has no time for marketing
  • A business getting ready to sell up and looking to add to the business assets in order to attract a better price
  • Someone looking to transition from being a 'Gardener' to being the owner of a 'Gardening Business'

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top of google

When people use Google to look for garden services, they use a wide range of search terms.

This site is top for 70 local terms - as well as being on the first page for some Cornwall-wide searches.

This brings people to the site who are already looking for garden services - the best type of prospects!

Screenshot of site visitors from Google Analyitcs

148 visitors in the last 30 days

Current Google Rankings
Most of the website visitors come from a Google search

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Save £1250 by buying direct

Due to it's high visibility and proven track record I'll be putting the site up for sale/auction for an asking price of £5500 for outright ownership.

If you'd like to purchase it directly, (saving the listing and transaction fees on the auction sites)
the price is £4250.

  • cheaper than renting (over time)
  • you own the site
  • includes 1 year free hosting (worth £120)
  • add a tangible asset to your business
  • suit established business with +ve cashflow
  • save £1250 vs auction price

Website Rental also available

If you just want to try the site, you can rent it:

1 Month

3 months

6 months

12 months





  • no minimum contract - cancel any time
  • cheap to get started
  • suit small business, one-man-band or startup
  • more expensive in the long run
  • you don't own the asset

You Next Step

If you'd like like to proceed, simply contact me and I'll send over an invoice with details for a bank transfer.

Then we can begin the process of putting your details on to the site and you can look forward to your phone ringing with people needing your services.

​Just email me at

or call​ 07708 228170 and leave a message.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask 🙂

I'll be giving preference to enquiries about purchasing and 12-month rental.