PPC – The Fastest Way to Get Leads

Need Leads - with Speed?

Need some sales in a hurry?

There's really no reason to worry

There's something that's quick

To give business a kick

And make your phone hotter than curry

Sometimes it can be rather slow

Waiting for that SEO

There's one other way

(You just have to pay)

It's worth it - you'll see your biz grow

This method is called 'pay-per-click'

Renowned for being so quick

You won't wait an age

To be on Google's front page

Adwords gets you there in a tick

You may have tried it before

Or heard stories of how it costs more

But when it's done right

The bill's not a fright

Paid by clients who walk through your door

If you try it yourself, best beware

With your budget, Google won't care

It's easy to blow it

And before you know it

The shirt on your back won't be there!

Ideally use someone who knows

Some things are best left to the pros

Who understand Google

Dependably frugal

With spending whilst ROI grows

So if you're needing some business real fast

Consider giving Adwords a blast

You'll need a budget, it's true

But don't let that stop you

From getting those phone calls at last!

So how does it work?

Let's say you're a carpenter
Making 'custom doors'
I'll create a great campaign
That prospects can't ignore

They've searched 'custom doors'
Seen your ad, felt compelled to click
Now on a special landing page
Your offer starts to stick

On that special landing page
(optimised for taking action)
Your prospect now becomes a lead
And ups the interaction

They look for reasons not to buy
(it's just the way we're wired!)
Objections become overcome
You're close to getting hired

By now they're really on the hook
'We're in the hands of pros!'
And when they call, you'll find that all
That's left to do is close

Now closing here is easy
After all it's them who called
Just listen to their needs and wants
And both end up enthralled!

It's simple (but not easy)
To profit in this way
I'll do the work - you just invest
Give me a call today!