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Will visitors to the site think the same of your business?


Will potential clients think that your services must be as well?


80% of people use their phone to look up local information

57% of people won't recommend a business with a poor mobile website

Ian Ross
I'll make your phone ring!

The Rime of the Ancient Website

If your business is online at all
Then your website’s the main port of call
If it doesn’t convey
In a professional way
It’s likely that no-one will call

Maybe you’ve had it a while
To find that it’s now out of style
It doesn’t look new
And it says about you
That your business just isn’t worthwhile

The age of the smartphone is here
For your website it’s still yesteryear
The poor navigation
Just leads to frustration
And cries of ‘let’s get out of here!’

So away from your website they trek
To another that’s more up to spec
So where do they go?
Your competitors know
You may as well send them a cheque!

So what’s a biz owner to do?
You know that you need something new
It needn’t be a cost
An investment – not lost
That pays for itself through and through

So why don’t you give me a call
We’ll meet for a coffee – that’s all
We’ll chat and we’ll see
If you’d like to hire me
To fix up your website and all

So if you need your website to:

  • Look professional
  • Look up to date
  • Work on all devices
  • thumbs-up
    Be easy to navigate
  • thumbs-up
    Inspire visitors to call you

Give me a call on

Ian managed to create a website which exactly matched my specifications...

I wanted the site to have a sense of space and restfulness as well as being clear and functional. My site not only looks good, but my clients can easily find details of their next class, and new prospects can contact me or connect through Facebook.

Through patient training and help, he has also enabled me to be able to edit and update the site myself - which is a huge time saver. Previously I had to ask my 'web guy' to make these changes which took time and money.

I especially value Ian's patience given that I am rather fearful and old fashioned when it comes to using new technology. He answered my many questions so promptly and clearly and I felt very looked after.

When you have a website that is dear to you and a product of your creativity, (your baby in a way!), but you have no clue how to work it, Ian is a perfect person to work with.

Georgiana Treasure-Evans  // Yoga Instructor and Doula

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